måndag 4 mars 2019

Besöka Ryssland på egen hand

Här följer en beskrivning (på engelska) hur man gör för att besöka Ryssland på egen hand.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines one of the world's youngest and most modern aircraft fleets* shows you how easy it is to arrange a visa to Russia!

First of all, you NEVER* need a visa to travel VIA Moscow to the World, unless you travel to Minsk (MSQ), or if you leave the airport to explore Moscow for a few hours before the next flight or has a connecting flight at another airport (Domodedovo, Vnukovo etc.) only then do you need a visa


In chronological order

1. Book your hotel, ask them for visa support document (book any hotel from website, for the duration of your stay in Russia or if staying at multiple hotels/locations, visit for example, https://goingrus.com/en/visa, to get a visa support document for multiple hotels/cities, the document will be sent to you via email, cost approximately 120 SEK, print 

2. Order proof of insurance from your insurance company, usually called "Ryssintyg", electronic copy is accepted, usually received within hours or next day, print

3. Visit https://visa.kdmid.ru/, fill out your visa application (takes max. 5-10 minutes), print

4. Visit the Russian Embassy in Stockholm or Russian Consulate in Goteborg, or their Service Centers ("IFS") in Stockholm/Goteborg, (or if you live in other areas of Sweden, send all documents only to "IFS", Russian Embassy or Russian Consulate do not accept postal submitted documents, only peronal visits)

Bring with you or send in
a. Visa application, you filled it out on the internet
b. Passport (expiry date more than 6 months after leaving Russia)
c. One photo, color (size 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm)
d. Proof of insurance
e. "Confirmation of acceptance of a foreign tourist" – “Подтверждение о приёме иностранного туриста»

f. Cost of visa for The Russian Federation 
Tourist Express visa-  up to 3 days, 700 SEK
Tourist Normal visa-   up to 7 days,  350 SEK


Alternative I
Stockholm- Make an appointment at Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Sweden, Gjörwellsgatan 31
(across from "DN-skrapan" towards the water) http://stockholm.kdmid.ru/queue-en/  

Goteborg- Make an appointment at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Goteborg, Sankt Sigfridsgatan 1
(close to Liseberg Station) http://gothenburg.kdmid.ru/queue-en/


Alternative II
If no appointments available at the Embassy in Stockholm or Consulate in Goteborg, visit the Embassy and Consulate´s Service Centers ("IFS")

Stockholm- Visit in person, Klara Östra Kyrkogata 2A (close to Åhlens City)

Goteborg-   Visit in person, Friggagatan 12B (close to Coop/Konsum)

Alternative III
If you live far from Stockholm or Goteborg
Send your documents to
a. Stockholm- Invisa Fidiuciary Service AB, Klara Östra Kyrkogata 2A, 111 52 Stockholm

b. Goteborg-   Invisa Fidiuciary Service AB, Friggagatan 12B, 411 01 Goteborg  

  * Among major airlines with more than 100 aircraft, average age 4.3 years

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